"For whatever reason, I just had a strange feeling tonight. It wasn't warranted and there was no reminder. I didn't see anyone that told me to think about it. I didn't read anything that wrote of it. I didn't smell, taste, or dream it.

It was just a simple thought, one I've probably thought before, only intensity withholding. I thought ahead. I thought ahead two or five years, and saw someone that wasn't scared or lost, but in a place unfamiliar. She wasn't tired or coated in uncertainty and doubt. I couldn't tell you where she was or what surrounded her — she was just living, and it was something wonderful. It was incredible. It was hopeful.

It's so easy to be scared. To me, life is scary. It is harder to embrace the fear and go out and do great and beautiful things, and I'm trying to learn. I believe my vision of living and a future is bold enough to trounce all apprehension, and I wish it would do so. 
I can make it."

—24 August 2011

Sometimes it is necessary to reassure yourself: you thought it then, and you can still do it now.

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